• Black Box Reader® - Digital Meth Residue Measuring Device + 5 pack AccuMeth® Discrete kits

    $659.75 $375.00

    Black Box Reader® is an electronic monitoring device developed for Meth Lab Cleanup Company for the measurement of methamphetamine residue using lateral-flow assay and digital line intensity reading. 

    Black Box Reader® works with all AccuMeth® brand kits, Meth Lab Cleanup’s meth testing cassettes, to provide the numerical amount of meth in a sample; onsite, immediately.  Watch our video Black Box Reader®.

    Black Box Reader® is fit with a radio-frequency identification device (RFID) tag to store data from all the AccuMeth®, immunoassay cassette; lot number and expiration date. 

    Exact measurements, within + 50 ng of the target standard! The average deviation of the Black Box Reader® is only 9.1%. Even the most accurate laboratories that analyze meth residue are allowed a deviation of 20%; other labs are much higher.  

    With the press of a button, you will get a digital reading of the exact amount (within + 50 ng of target standard) of meth residue present on your meth test cassette, in just 15 seconds.  Black Box Reader® is powered by battery.  Black Box Reader® also comes with a USB cord that allows you to download data into a computer.  After 100 readings, the Black Box Reader® is cleared and you begin again. Size:  1.5 inches; weight 1.4 oz. 

    AccuMeth® meth testing kits allow you to quickly and reliable measure meth residue on surfaces as low as 0.1 ng/100cm2.  These kits are semi-quantitative, meaning that by comparing the line color on the cassette to the Line Intensity Card provided, you can determine within a range, how much meth is present.  Works onsite, immediately; much like a pregnancy test.  Each kit comes with everything needed to perform the sample.  Easy, easy to use.  Watch our how-to video.  AccuMeth®Discrete and AccuMeth®5 Discrete differ only in target standard; i.e. 0.1 ug/100cm2 and 0.5 ug/100cm2 respectively.

    The Box comes with a 5 pack of AccuMeth® Discrete and  a free carrying case; a $50 value.  This Pelican brand case comes with unique Pick ‘N Pluck foam. This foam is pre-cut which allows you to customize the interior by half inch cubes. Trace out the Black Box/AccuMeth test kit items and/or camera and simply pluck the foam out by hand, no tool required. You can customize your case in less than 15 minutes.  Dimensions (l/w/d) 9.44” x 7.8” x 4.29”