• AccuMeth® Discrete, Onsite Meth Test Kit; Pack of 5 - Sample 1 Surface for Meth, 0.1 ug/100cm2 target.

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    5-pack of AccuMeth® Discrete onsite, Immediate meth residue test kits.  Sample 1 interior surface with each kit. These meth test kits are extremely accurate and will detect meth at levels recognized by the majority of state's legal standard of 0.1 ug/100cm2.  AccuMeth® has been independently validated by laboratory and field testing.  AccuMeth® utilizes an ultra sensitive lateral-flow test platform to assure positive and negative test results are valid. This kit allows for measurement to the most strict standard of 0.1 ug/100cm2; the legal limit for ID, TN, NE, WV, OK, MT, SD, AK, KY, NC, MN (production) and HI.  Also great for in non-regulated states to determine if ANY meth is present. Download a listing of regulated states and their legal standards, here

    Each  AccuMeth® Discrete kit includes: nitrile gloves, sampling template, sampling swab, buffer, preparation paper, syringe, cassette, instructions and a Line Intensity Card for comparison to the cassette test line. 

    Watch our AccuMeth® Discrete Instruction Video